230V AC Units

Aqua AC 100/200/260

Aqua water makers are designed and built for the demands of extended off-shore cruising. Choose your route with the freedom of knowing you will always have fresh, clean & safe drinking water available with the press of a button. No more water docks or jerry cans. Staying longer in places with limited access to fresh water.

Most water makers fall into one of two categories; a) Manual or very ‘hands on’ systems that are straightforward but require input from the operator and b) Sophisticated electronic systems with touch screens and expensive components. Aqua water makers offer the best of both worlds. The ECU based design means the process is automated for you while offering a system made of affordably repairable/replaceable components and a straightforward design.

Aqua water makers are proudly hand built and assembled in New Zealand using higher quality components than other options on the market.

Units can be mounted assembled or in a modular fashion depending on space availability. 



Reverse Osmosis performance varies with the feed water temperature & salinity. The rated performance is tested at 26C/80F water temperature & 33g NaCI/ltr.

*Rated performance*


AC 100 100

AC 200 200

AC 260 260

RO Membrane Type: Standard size high rejection TFC Polyamide, thin film composite, spiral wound, single pass reverse osmosis element.

Product Water Quality: Minimum 500 ppm TDS

Feed Water Salinity Range: Up to 50,000 ppm TDS

Chlorine Tolerance: 1000 ppm hours @ 0.1 PPM

Feed Water Pressure: 3 PSI to 60 PSI

Operating Pressure : 800 to 900 PSI

Feed Water Temperature Range: min. 33F /0.5C,  max 113F/45C



AC 100 12

AC 200 12

AC 260 12

Front View

Gauge Panel

Control panel (Box Mount)

Control Panel

Installed Unit